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A thought on Mothers Day

The Vegan Society are campaigning at the moment for people to take the 30 Day Vegan Pledge and are posting thought provoking articles on their social media about how it's not just humans that form bonds with their mothers.

Many of you may already be vegetarian or vegan or even just thinking about trying a more plant based diet. Everyone has their own reasons for excluding animal products to whatever extent and here at Vegucate we aim to support you no matter what your beliefs or dietary requirements are.

If you do currently include dairy in your diet, the following information may interest you. I am vegan myself but the rest of my family are lacto-vegetarian and I was previously, so I fully understand how challenging the thought of giving up dairy can be. However, when you take a moment to think about the bonds between animals, and the distress and suffering that the dairy industry inevitably causes, it might make that cheesy pizza less appealing. Then again it might not, it's completely up to you of course. We just like to give you the information and offer you support with alternatives should you wish to. So here's the facts if you would like to see them, and if we can offer you any help or support just shout!

Louisa x

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