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Why go Plant Based?

There are many reasons to include more plant based food. Your motivation will be personal to you, but here are some thoughts you may consider. 
Optimise your Health

Including more plant based foods in your everyday eating can really optimise your health. Plant foods help to support a naturally balanced and healthy body and mind, and many of our clients who have switched to this way of eating report improvements in energy, digestion, weight management, sleep and mood. Research also shows that the risk of many chronic diseases may be improved with a plant based diet. Check out the science in 'The Greenhouse'

Environmental & Ethical Reasons
Whatever stance you take, the reality is that by eating a more plant based diet you are contributing less to animal cruelty, exploitation and environmental issues.
If you are or want to transition to a plant-based diet for ethical reasons, or are just interested in the facts about meat and dairy production, there are many resources for you. You can find the links by clicking on the button below. Please note that some of the footage can be upsetting to watch.
Being fully aware of how meat got onto your plate may be important to some people when going more plant based. But if this is not for you then feel free to skip over these links, although you may feel it appropriate to come back to them another day.
The production of meat, dairy and animal by-products places a huge burden on our environment’s resources. Transitioning to a more plant based diet can reduce that impact. You can find out more by clicking the button.
If you’ve delved into some of these resources and decided it’s time to go plant based, then head over to ‘The Greenhouse’ for some excellent starter tips. Or book a consultation with us and let us guide you through those first crucial steps. 
...can reduce stress and agression
...helps to improve digestive function
...reduces overall cancer risk
...positively impacts the environment
...contributes to mental and spiritual growth
...provides for a better future for our children
Variety in your Meals
Most people who transition to a more plant based diet are astounded at the variety in eating that this opens up. Lots of us are used to just eating a limited amount of vegetables as an acompaniment to the star player of meat or fish. There are heaps of delicious plant based foods that you've probably not tried yet, and we're here to show you how to cook and eat them, and inspire you with recipes and meal plans that are bursting with variety and flavour. Go on over to our blog 'The Greenhouse' for recipes and tips and start putting some colour into mealtimes!
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