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What is Vegucate Nutrition?


VEGUCATE Nutrition was set up by Louisa Richards who is a Registered Nutritionist. Vegucate Nutrition provides an educational and supportive platform for anyone looking to reduce their meat intake and/or improve on their current plant-based diet.


There is a noticeable gap between meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. Vegucate nutrition bridges this gap with an open-to-all,  non-labelling, non-judgemental stance welcoming anyone looking to improve their diet with plant-based nutrition. 

Whether you are a heavy meat eater wanting to improve your health, or a long-term vegan looking for ways of getting more nutrients in your meals, VEGUCATE Nutrition is here to offer you expert support. 




What We Do


Nutrition Consultations

Plant Based Nutrition Talks 

Recipes and Meal Plans


Events and Exhibitions

Writing and Journalism

 About Louisa

Louisa is a  practising Registered Nutrition Practitioner with experience in providing personalised nutrition support to clients with wide ranging health issues. She is passionate about inspiring people to experiment with more plant based food options. She likes to incorporate lifestyle strategies such as mindfulness and meditation, NLP and exercise into her support programmes.


Louisa has been a lifelong vegetarian then vegan. Having raised her two teenage children as lacto-vegetarians, she has extensive knowledge of meat free family eating for all ages. Louisa also works in nutrition education and writes for health and science news sources. She enjoys being outdoors and loves working in her garden.

About Us

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